41″ black glass firewall (remote control)



41″ black glass firewall (remote control)

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Product Description

Flueless gas 2.6kw Firewalls incorporate catalytic technology which means they can be hung anywhere in the house without the need for a chimney or flue system. The burner creates a flame pattern across the width of the window over a bed of glowing embers.
The firewall has a single layer of ceramic glass covering the firebox allowing radient heat to pass through into the room. Heat also rises from the top of the fire to warm the room through convection.
All Esse gas appliances are CE tested with 100% of the heat coming into the room resulting in lower gas usage and running costs.
Available in choice of sizes and frames with manual or remote controls.
Firewall should be fitted in a room with an openable window and an air vent of 100cm2.


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